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April 3, 2019

This page serves to provide information into illness/disease from an ‘alternative’ perspective.

My belief is that our consciousness/spirit and emotions are connected to our bodies in such an amazing intrinsic way that when dealing with any sort of dis-ease in the body – it is as essential to heal the emotional hurts as it is to heal the physical body.

Finding the root cause of a dis-ease (not just treating a symptom) is the key to unlocking the door to health and wellbeing and preventing future illness.

Should you or a loved one be diagnosed with a disease/illness, I would urge you to start exploring the link between the emotions/psyche and physical body. Sometimes the link is obvious and other times it requires fierce and often fearless investigation. This journey can have a profound effect on you life and become the catalyst for transformation in every area.

The following two books have proved invaluable on the journey to healing for billions of people across the world. Both books have a list of emotional causes behind physical illnesses and information on how to begin your own journey of healing.

Louise Hay – Love Yourself, Heal your Life

Carol K Truman – Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

Through my work as an intuitive medium, I have discovered that our physical body is more insightful than we can imagine. It is constantly sending us signals and wanting to be in a state of well-being. Natural remedies/food sources create long-lasting change and often have far less severe side-effects (if any) than conventional medicine.

Over the years I have seen healing occur from a myriad of illnesses with the use of natural food, herbs and ‘alternative’ therapies, often baffling modern medicine.

I believe that natural medicine works in a far more intrinsic, interconnected way than conventional medicine.

Pay attention to what you feed your body and mind, not only the food and chemicals you ingest but the people, places and energy you surround yourself with. These have subtle yet very real effects on your mental and physical body.

I would encourage the following elements to your healing:

  • Discovering the root cause of your dis-ease, and healing the mental/emotional discord within yourself (sometimes even beginning this process produces surprising results)
  • Addressing the physical needs of the body, introducing natural holistic foods free from chemicals or human alteration. The more natural the food and water substances the better.
  • Going within: developing a meditation practice. Our modern world possibly unintentionally, encourages disconnection from our consciousness. Getting back in touch with who you are will help you discern what ‘feels’ right when it comes to your health and well-being.
  • Learning to breathe correctly and getting enough sunlight and nature (every day the scientific world discovers new connections to our well-being and the natural world).
  • Moving your physical body not only releases toxins but also promotes new cell growth and a myriad of other incredible health benefits. We are so disconnected from our physical bodies learning to move yours in a gentle way will start to put you back in touch with what your body feels like externally as well as internally.

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