Gift Vouchers


Purchasing a Reading for someone can be a wonderful, transformative experience IF the person is open to the information being given.

Please think carefully before gifting someone an 'esoteric experience' like this. It is not my intention to 'prove' or 'display' any kind of ability, rather to guide and illuminate for those seeking deeper understanding/insights from an alternative source.

i.e. Please make sure the person you are gifting is Open Minded enough to receive the information given.

To Purchase a Printable Gift Voucher, please click on the link below.

Gift Voucher: 1x Reading with Leo (2025)


Printable Gift Voucher for a Reading With Leo.

Perfect for Open Minded Loved Ones who would like some insight and guidance.

Once payment is confirmed you will receive a Coupon Code and Expiry date to enter onto the back of the Gift Voucher.

Gift Vouchers are currently only valid for bookings in 2025

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