Advance Bookings Calendar

Advance Bookings Calendar

This calendar is predominantly for bookings in Advance (Currently 12 months ahead). Should you require an earlier booking, please check our Short Notice Bookings calendar for last minute appointment openings.

PLEASE NOTE: A booking fee is required to confirm your appointment/s (R140 per booking).

You will receive a reminder approximately 2 weeks prior to your appointment date requesting  1) Confirmation of your booking and 2) the balance of payment.

*If you are a new client, you are welcome to pay after your session or on the same day - you are however, still required to pay the Booking Fee to secure your appointment*

PLEASE NOTE FROM JAN 2024 the pricing structure is as follows: R140 booking fee upfront + R910 Appointment fee after your session.

Bookings in 2025 will be subject to an annual increase. R1010 for the Appointment Fee. Booking fee will remain the same.

PLEASE NOTE: Booking times may change (loadshedding etc), we will however, endeavor to offer at least 2 or 3 alternative times if we need to reschedule.

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